Tur Rotası


Step 1 : Yakapark Trout Fish Farm

It’s time for a drink in the icyllic forest surroundings of the trout farm where the peace is disturbed only by the sound of rushing water. Also there is a compitition in Yakapark’s pool; if you stay in the pool only 5 mins. You will get a free soft drink.

Step 2 : Saklıkent Gorge

Saklikent Gorge: Saklikent Canyon is the perfect place to cool of. There’s time to relax in the shade of leafy groves by the waterside or cross the river to walk into the Gorge which is 18 kms long and 300m deep in some places and has been eroded over thousands of years by rushing glacial waters. (entrance is extra for Saklikent Gorge)

Step 3 : Lunch

Lunch: After the Gorge visiting, it is time for lunch; 10 kind of starters and 3 different main courses options. Just drinks are extra.

Step 4 : White Water Rafting

Funny Rafting: It’s up to you to do rafting in cold freezing water of Saklikent Gorge where it takes about 30-35 minuntes with proffessional guide and equipment. For ages from 5 to 70 (It is an extra organisation. If the clients like to do it. They must book it to Our Guide.)

Step 5 : Zipline

Zipline/Zipping Adrenaline: The best way to relax and reduce stress is to do something new and exciting. Zipping is impossible for you to think about your problems and trouble while flying at full throttle. All attention should be concentrated. It may be high in the breathtaking views and gives people the opportunity to look at the world with a completely different perspective. Change your life trembling knees …

Step 6 : Mud Bath

Prepare to get muddy!!  Laughing, splashing and muddy creations are the treats instore for you here followed by a riverside rinse in the cool waters. Entrance is free.

Step 8 : Private Beach in Ciftlik Area

with its splendid surroundings combining the green and the blue of the beautiful beach in its uniquely set large gardens with hygenic surroundings and restaurant makes Our Beach Park the ideal location  without compromising on quality, service and perfection. Sun Beds and Umbrellas are free, foods and drinkrs are extra.




Kişi Başı
80,00 TL
£ 11,89 € 13,48 $ 15,21